My wallet, lost then found

thanks-thank-you-10 What happened to me today is worth noting (20100802).

Today, I got my parking permit for the new semester. I chose the permit for the parking lot near the psychology building out of the the one near my apartment. This way, I can not park my car near my apartment during work days so that I will “have to” drive to work every day. This is my strategy to beat my laziness of staying home all the time.

The strategy is not perfect.

Today, I had an experiment to run at another building on campus which is 5-minute walking distance to my apartment. Because of the new permit, I can not walk there. In stead, I had to drive to the department first, park there and then take a bus back to the building. I was running a little bit late. Plus, doing this kind of commuting on such a hot day was not fun at all. So, as you already know from the title, my wallet was lost on the bus.

It’s at the door of the building for my experiment and I cannot find my door card to get in that I found out my wallet was missing. I did not go back to look for the wallet right away because the experiment was about to start. My friend Jason let me in so I got everything setup on time. After that, I called the bus service and they told me the bus driver did not see a wallet. Kim was talking about her experience when her daughters purse was stolen and gave me some advice. And mentioned there are more non-student on the city bus. I knew she was trying to help but I felt upset at that point thinking all the things I would have to do in case the wallet could not be found. Calling banks, credit card companies and all the offices to cancel my cards, to get a replacement ID… all that kind stuff made my head spin. Ahh, too much to think about. I just could not concentrate on work anymore. Thank God that William was there to help me with the scan.

Then I tried to calm myself down and told myself that panic or upset was my natural response in this circumstance. But it’s not helping at all to be panic or upset. I also told myself that my wallet might or might not be found, but I do not know what will happen at the end of the day. Other than assuming it’s gone and being upset, it’s better to believe it will come back and feel at least calm and normal if not happy about the whole thing.

That’s what I did since then. I wrote to the city bus asked them to keep an eye on the wallet. Then, I changed my Gchat status to “come back, my wallet”. After that, I acted just as everything was fine. I watched YouTube videos with my colleagues and laughed with them, I executed some of the program for experiment presentation. I printed out my girlfriend's letter and read them.

When the missing wallet came to my mind, I told myself only one thing: “It will come back”.

When the experiment was done, I did not even rush out. I helped packing everything up and put them to the right place. I take time to clean everything behind me, make sure I will not lose anything else. I said goodbye to my friends and then headed out.

You know what happened?

As soon as I walked out the building and laid my eyes on the road, I saw the bus passing by. I followed it to the bus stop, hopped on and asked the driver if he saw a wallet. The gentleman recognized me and then handed my wallet to me. Can you imagine how happy and exciting I was? I was so happy and even forgot to ask the gentlemen's name. My friend Lauren saw this and cheered for me! Yay!

So that’s the story of my wallet. I am so happy everything works out this way. I wrote an email to the bus service to express my appreciation. To all my friends who wished me good luck: Thank you all!.

This made my day :)

So I wrote it down(did not do proof reading) to let all you know I am thankful, for all the things happen to me.

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CONGE 在这一天保持的状态和经历,值得纪念啊!~



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