Freesurfer 2013 course: Videos and PPTs

The developers of (FreeSurfer)[www.freesurfer.net] have put videos of their 2013 training course online to YouTube. The PowerPoint slides they used in the course are also freely distributed on their website. This gives the new Freesurfer users like me a great way to learn about this neuroimaging data processing and analysis tool. I am truly thankful for the generous of the FreeSerfer team for making the course lectures available online. It is really nice that I can take the courses in my own time and on my own pace. And it does not really cost me anything. All I need is, well, to fight with my procrastination.
One thing I found not very good is that the videos on the FreeSurfer YouTube channel is not organized well enough. I had to constantly refer back to the course schedule to figure out which video should I watch after one ends. So I pulled all the links for the videos and corresponding slides together and arranged them according to the course schedule. The organized links are shared below.
Please note that only the talk session were put online. Most of the tutorials and demonstrations module of the course were not available in the form of videos. There are, however, the web links to the tutorial materials (which I also have the links) are available. It is very important to go through the tutorials if you really want to master the Freesurfer software. Hope the organized links are useful to you. Cheers~~
Course Videos and Links
Day 1
1.1 Tutorial: Unix Tutorial for FreeSurfer Users
1.2 Talk: Introduction To FreeSurfer Jargon
1.3 Talk: Introduction To FreeSurfer
1.4 Talk: Analyzing the Individual Subject
1.5 Talk: A Non-physicist’s Intro to MR
1.6 Demo: Freeview/Tksurfer Demostration
1.7 Tutorial: Interaction with Individual Subject Data Tutorial
1.8 Talk: FreeSurfer Troubleshooting
1.9 Demo: Quality Checking a Recon
1.10 Tutorial: Troubleshooting Tutorial
1.11 Talk: Question and Answer Session (Answers to online questions here)
  • Video: N/A
  • Questions Online: access
Day 2:
2.1 Talk: Surface-based Analysis: Intersubject Smoothing & Registration
2.2 Talk: Group Analysis
2.3 Tutorial: Group Analysis Tutorial:
2.4 Talk: Multiple Comparisons
2.5 Demo: QDEC demonstration
  • N/A
2.6 Tutorial: Multiple Comparisons Tutorial
2.7 Tutorial: QDEC Tutorial
2.8 Talk: ROI Analysis
2.9 Tutorial: ROI Analysis Tutorial
2.10 Talk: Longitudinal FreeSurfer
2.11 Tutorial: Longitudinal Tutorial
Day 3
3.1 Talk: Multi-Modal Integration, Part 1
3.2 Tutorial: Multi-Modal Integration Tutorial, Part 1
3.3 Talk: Introduction to Diffusion MRI
3.4 Tutorial: Diffusion Processing Tutorial
3.5 Talk: TRActs Constrained by UnderLying Anatomy (TRACULA)
3.6 Tutorial: Tracula Tutorial
3.7 Talk: Multi-Modal Integration, Part 2
3.8 Tutorial: Multi-Modal Integration Tutorial, Part 2
3.9 Talk: MRI Acquisition Methods For Morphometry
3.10 Talk: Motion-compensated neuroanatomical imaging
3.11 Talk: Registration Methods